About. We build remote engineering teams. We eliminate constraints and enable access to the best global talent.

Our Story

Since the early two-thousands, we, the founders of Base B, have been running software development companies and consultancies, serving a wide range of businesses, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, we have kept improving various aspects of our organization and the services we provide.

Your vision is better off with talented people to stand behind it.

Through the years, we have realized three things: remote teams that integrated into the client's organization itself are the most effective and committed; most businesses would prefer to have their technology team to be a part of their company; local talent is scarce, while global talent is hard to gain access to.

That's when we decided to work together on a new business model that would help companies build their remote teams and access global talent effectively.

Founding Team

Each of our founders has an independent record of successes throughout almost two decades of hands-on experience in building, running, and managing R&D operations across a broad range of industries. At Base B, we form a team with complementary skills and areas of expertise to ensure the long term success of what we do.

Oleksiy is in charge of operations, legal, and finance.

Sergiy is at the helm of engineering and hiring.

Ivan is focusing on business leadership and growth.

In a nutshell

We build remote engineering teams and host them in our hubs. The teams, that we build, are directly employed or contracted by the client, while we take care of every detail of establishing and running an effective team. Our hubs are established across Eastern Europe in cities selected by us to cover a wide variety of expertise and meeting talent qualification and availability requirements.

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