Lviv, Ukraine: Your Next Remote Team Location. A city with eight centuries of history, Lviv is a present-day tech powerhouse.

The tech industry accounts for 3.3% of Ukraine’s GDP, and it’s growing all the time. With 220,000 qualified software engineers in the country, a number thought to be growing by up to 30,000 people per year, Ukraine represents a golden opportunity for any company that wants to recruit a committed, focused, remote engineering team.

220,000 qualified software engineers in the country

Lviv was founded in the mid-13th century, and quickly became a thriving trade hub, a status that continues to this day. The largest city in the west of Ukraine, it is now a scientific and cultural centre for Central and Eastern Europe.

While Lviv’s picturesque old town and eye-catching architecture have drawn comparisons to Paris, a Berlin-like tech scene is sprouting up in the city, and it is this which is drawing the attention of corporations wishing to build remote development teams.

Why choose Lviv?

On a time zone that fits in with European hours (GMT+2), Lviv offers the combination of a convenient location (only 60km from the border with Poland) for a tech corporation, along with proven high-quality work at running costs that encourage growth.

Oracle, Nestle, PwC, Turkish Airlines, Cypress Semiconductor and a multitude of other global corporations based in Lviv understand the positive difference the city makes to their business.

Financial Times

Honored at the Financial Times European Cities of the Future Awards

There are an estimated 4,000 or more new IT graduates each year from Lviv’s seven universities. The highly-rated Lviv Polytechnic National University has a dedicated Tech Startup School, and the city’s institutions as a whole are renowned for the quality of their technical education.

Lviv has been honored at the Financial Times European Cities of the Future Awards, while at the 2020 CEE Business Services Awards, Lviv won the award for Emerging City of the Year.

Lviv is served by leading airlines including Lufthansa, LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ryanair, and Austrian Airlines, making travel to and from the city simple for you and your colleagues.

SF-Lviv: 16 hrs; NYC-Lviv: 13hrs;
 Direct LON-Lviv: 3.5 hrs; Direct VIE-Lviv: 1.5hrs


About the Base B Lviv Hub

The Base B hub in Lviv offers state-of-the-art turnkey facilities for organizations wishing to set up and host a remote team in the city, boosting your organization’s collaboration, workflow, and internal communication.

24/7 access, on-site security, high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, and secluded terrace areas

Lviv Base B Hub has an open office layout with spacious desks and modern technical equipment designed to aid workplace productivity. It has a convenient location in downtown Lviv, 24-7 access, on-site security, high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, and secluded terrace areas for both work-related discussions and leisure time.

We believe in the need for a healthy work-life balance, and so there is also an on-site games room and gym. Your space can be branded with your company’s corporate identity on request.

Everything is available to give your remote team a place of work that they, and you, can be satisfied with, ready-to-roll from day one. This is our commitment to helping you create a high-performing remote software development team.

Base B has the expertise on the local market in Lviv that means no lengthy talent searches to find the right developers to take your business forward - we work with you to bring in people quickly and efficiently who are a great culture match for your company.

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