6 Simple Steps to hiring the best remote experts

When hiring software developers, you should stay sharp and up-to-date on the nuances involved. The following pro-tips may help a lot.

Compose the most detailed yet essential job requirements

Pay particular attention to creating vacancies for remote workers. The thing is that remote workers aren’t much interested in what “goodies” you offer, and other, similar, factors. Usually, two major points are important to them: the rate, and the flexibility of the work schedule. Therefore, don’t bother too much with creating a super-creative and inviting text for your recruitment campaign - something plain and factual may do the trick instead.

When you decide to hire a remote developer, start with a dry list of responsibilities and end with the description of rates. This will be enough to attract good candidates.

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Cover as many job-posting resources as possible

First of all, post an announcement about an open vacancy on the company's website and on social media pages. This is the way to attract those who want to work specifically for your brand.

All sorts of electronic platforms for interaction between employers and job seekers should be second in line. The most famous among them are Glassdoor, Indeed, CareerBuilder Job Board, ZipRecruiter, etc.

Lastly, ask all your friends and trusted connections to post a link to the job description in their social media pages - a good word of mouth almost never fails.

Of course, if you use Base B, you can circumvent this process - we create shortlists of the best candidates from our extensive databases, and then assist you in creating a remote interview process that will help you find the ideal candidate to advance your company.

Conduct some research before the video interview

Be prepared for the fact that a large number of resumes will fall upon you. Too many video interviews can be time-consuming. That’s why, before inviting a person to a professional video call, it’s important to research their resume extensively. For instance, you can look through their social media pages, study their major roles and tasks in the projects they worked on previously, and check their related higher education qualifications.

Make sure that the applicant corresponds to the level of knowledge indicated in the resume, based on their level of education or depth experience. In the case of developers, Github links attached to their portfolio should be a great indication of ability.

Lastly, when you realize that the candidate is suitable for an interview on Skype, evaluate one important point: whether he/she is punctual. For if he/she is late even for the first 'virtual' interview, you cannot be sure that the candidate can be entrusted with important deadlines later on.

Check the candidate’s ability with a test task

When hiring a software developer, the candidate’s performance 'in the field' should be tested. For these purposes, it is good to issue test tasks to be completed individually.

A test task will ensure you've got the right person for the job (photo: Unsplash)

Keep in mind, however, that you don’t want to position yourself as a dishonest employer looking to take advantage of getting complex project subtasks done for free. But you still need to see if the resume's description of skills matches reality.

That’s why it’s best to come up with a task that takes the applicant one evening to finish - this is long enough to test the candidate's abilities, but short enough to not give the impression you're looking to pick up free work.

Discuss your formats of professional communication

You’re advised to agree on the methods and terms of interaction with remote employees during the interview: what software tools you use, how often you need to be in touch, how often you are looking to hold meetings, what work schedule they should expect, and any other related matters.

The time zone in which the candidate is located plays an important role here. Ukraine, as an example, is seven hours behind New York City, and ten hours behind Los Angeles, and this means remote interaction needs to be planned carefully.

Shed a light on any career growth possibilities & official employment benefits

Employment turnover among remote workers is a frequent and natural occurrence. It’s a product of the changing nature of employment, with the average period of time an individual expects to spend at a specific company having reduced dramatically in the past decade.

If you are looking for a long-term worker, mention in the interview why, exactly, it is beneficial for them to work with you. You can highlight the career prospects, the frequency of salary reviews, well-known clients, free training for employees, fun corporate events at the company’s expense, stable, contracted employment (a coveted thing in tough economic times), the advantages of hiring a remote software engineer for both sides, and other employee benefits and rewards.


We hope that the above recommendations on how to hire a software developer will help you find worthwhile professionals who will meet your expectations. If you want to use the experts in hiring a remote team of software developers, contact us for a tried-and-trusted service! We’ll be happy to work with you to assemble a team of professionals that will be a fit for your vacancies, and will implement your business ideas to the highest standards.