Services. We enable you to hire exceptional Eastern European technical talent to join your company and be productive from our Base B hub.

We build remote engineering teams and enable growth, eliminating the need to compete for talent with every tech giant in your area. Our full-cycle process is designed to cover every aspect of building and running an effective remote engineering team.

Full-cycle recruitment

We find, screen and select the candidates that are a good technical and cultural fit with your existing team. We arrange additional interviews of these short-listed candidates to be conducted by you to get the best-suited people to join your team. We build a custom-hiring pipeline for each client we work with, respecting your employer brand and focusing only on the most suitable talent. At the same time, we maintain an up-to-date database of technical candidates to jump-start the search and create realistic expectations.

HR and professional development

We work through every detail with you to ensure that your remote team is taken care of. We develop and implement an employee retention strategy along with professional and personal growth guidance to ensure that your team is well motivated and engaged in achieving your business objectives. Also, we keep an eye on team spirit, teamwork and inter-team communication and help you arrange team-building activities. We will also provide regular feedback and insights, as well as suggestions for improvements on your end.

Branded premium office space

Your team will be hosted in our premium full-service office space, equipped with everything needed for productivity, including modern infrastructure, remote-friendly meeting rooms, high-speed Internet and common areas with drinks and snacks. Our centrally located hub features 24-7 security and an open-air terrace and green area. Most importantly, the amazing people that work in our hub create a friendly and inspiring atmosphere. Also, we will brand your team’s space to match your corporate identity.

Remote collaboration framework

Our founders have been building remote teams and development centers for almost two decades and are now applying the accumulated experience to establish effective remote collaboration for each client’s team. We will help you hire and manage your remote team and advise you about the required candidate skills for remote collaboration, practices, toolsets and equipment. Furthermore, we help establish mutual trust with your team, aid in managing goals and expectations and will not let you forget how human interaction and seeing each other face-to-face are important by helping arrange the time with your team.

Community and events

Our brand is shaped by our values that, in turn, attract people who share them. People with whom we are currently working have worked with us before or who simply believe in the same values and are part of our community. We provide access to resources to help professional and personal development, host discussions and panels and facilitate networking. We also host regular community events to inspire and keep our members up to date with news, trends, and technology, or to simply have a great time and enjoy the company of amazing people.

Administration, Legal and Tax support

By working closely together we can make certain that your remote team can operate effectively, meeting the legal requirements that you or your investors might have. Our team provides IT support, travel management, sets up accounting, reporting, payroll administration and employee tax management. They also provide comprehensive legal setup for effective remote operations without exposure to legal, tax, or intellectual property related risks.

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